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* All specification of single-crystal furnace and multi-crystal casting heating systems.
* Insulation material for heater: graphite felt, rigid graphite felt, composite carbon felt, binding wire.
* Graphite for fuel battery.
* Many kinds of C/C composite material: C/C board, nuts, screws, graphite foil.
* All specification of graphite rod, graphite block, and graphite felt, graphite crucible, mould, EDM mould, and graphite powder.
* Graphite product used for precious metals and non-ferrous metals.


Beijing Sanye Carbon Co.,Ltd.
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Beijing Sanye Carbon Co.,Ltd ,which  was founded in 1986, has  insisted on conducting  strict  quality control and promoting a continuous progress  of  technology. We devoted great effort to developing new products and materials. And now we have become one of the top companies in the field of carbon and graphite precision machining.

The products of carbon and graphite are widely used in many fields, such as machinery,electron, semi-conductor, mono-crystalline silicon, textile, electrical machinery, electrical equipment, electrical furnace, traffic, communication, food, etc. In order to make full use of  the products, we are always keen on supplying our customers with technology service. And now, we not only have many large graphite blocks , but also the ability of accurate machining. Some products and technologies are also advanced in the world. With  reliable quality and  sound prestige,we enjoy a great popularity ,domestically.and also has steady business relations with  customers from such different countries as Europe,USA,UK,Japan,etc.

We have kept doing our utmost to serve the customers with the quality principle of "Satisfying customer ,Pursuing excellence", and serving standard of "Sanye Carbon, Supplies what you required urgently". We hope our products will meet the demand of the sophisticated technology development and offer the best choice for every kind of technology in the world.